Floor-Crest Urethane Top Coat


Clear Polyaspartic Topcoat

Available in the 10 Gallon Kits

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Once you’ve finished coating your floor with Floor-Coat Pigmented Epoxy Coating, or installing the DIY quartz or chip kit, a topcoat of Floor-Crest Urethane Topcoat is always recommended. Floor-Crest is a clear polyaspartic topcoat, which will provide outstanding chemical and UV resistance to your floor.


Packaging – 10-gallon kit:  1 five-gallon pail of Part A and 1 five-gallon pail of Part B


Additional information

Weight N/A

10 Gallon Kit



Mix Ratio

1 Part A (resin) to 1 Part B (hardener)

Product Use

Topcoat for epoxy systems

Material Type

Polyaspartic Top Coat

Solids Content

90% by volume

Application Method

Squeegee, Roller, Brush

Drying Time

At 70F (21C) and 50% relative humidity, each coat needs to cure a minimum of 2-4 hours. Allow a minimum of 4 hours before permitting light pedestrian traffic and at least 24-48 hours before permitting heavy pedestrian or auto traffic onto the finished surface. Higher temperatures and/or high humidity will accelerate the cure time. Use caution in batch sizes and thickness of application. Low temperature and/or humidity extend the cure time.


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